Die huis is geleë in Inhambane provinsie Mosambiek.

Dit is ongeveer 485km noord van die Maputo kapitaal en 26km suid van die Inhambane dorp.


Die huis is 'n gedeelte van 'n beach resort en is gebou op 'n hoë duine met uitsig op die Paindane Baai.

Die Baai verseker 'n konstante briesie van die see en is  feitlik ‘n muskiet vrye omgewing.

Hierdie baai is beskerm met die Paindane Reef wat 'n veilige swem area en unieke geleenthede skep vir snorkel.


Die pad van Maputo na Inhambane is onlangs opgegradeer en vergelyk goed met teerpaaie in Suid-Afrika.

Die 26km rooi sand - pad vanaf Inhambane na Khumbula iMozambique is goed onderhou en

die laaste 4km is 'n grondpad wat 'n 4x4 vereis

border at Komatipoort is open daily from 6am till 12pm. Sometimes during the holiday season, the border is open for 24 hours. Lebombo Border contact number is: 013-793 7311.


What you need at the border & in/on vehicle:

1. Valid Passport: (Passport must be valid for more than 3months on entry)

2. Vehicle & Trailer registration papers. From 18 April 2005 visas are no longer needed for RSA passport holders!!!Ensure that license discs

     are current & visible.It is compulsory to have 2 red triangles & one safety vest in your vehicle.If you are towing, standard yellow/blue

     triangle stickers on the front & back of the vehicle & boat/trailer is compulsory. All trailers/boats must have reflective tape at the back.

3. Resort Reservation form with Passport names, numbers & expiry dates.


Extra expenses at border

R20/passport & R15/vehicle entrance fee.

R150 third party insurance per vehicle & R80 per boat or trailer (available on border)



co-ordinates house Khumbula iMozambique: S24.06 522, E35.29 846
Reception: S24.11 248, E35.49 463


Recommended road:

Turn rights on EN1 at Lindele to Inhambane

Turn right on Inhambane road (± 24 km from Lindele) on to red gravel road.

Don’t use Jangamo turnoff – road too narrow, especially for boats!!
Turn right at Garage near Resort: S24.03 059, E35.28 666 – and follow road signs to Esperanaz beach lodge


Deflate your tires to 0,8bar at the white sand road. The last ± 4km to resort is not accessible for cars without 4×4.


Petrol / Diesel

Available in all major towns ± 40 to 51 Mt/liter.Unleaded petrol, diesel & air are available in Inharrime.Petrol & Diesel are also available in Inhambane.Petrol & Diesel now available at Petromac ± 8m from the Resort.Petrol cards are not accepted.

New law: Use of reflective warning signs & reflective vests. (Available at TRAVEL AGENCIES & OUTDOOR WAREHOUSE)


Airport transfer

From Inhambane Airport available at R450/trip


Secure parking

Available 5km from Resort for people without a 4×4 vehicle at R40/day.


Speed limit

* PLEASE do not exceed the speed limit of 60km/hr in the villages. If the limit is 60km, rather drive slower.

   They stop you even if you exceed the limit with 1km/hr. Do not pass a still standing vehicle on a solid line.

   Wait patiently or blow your vehicle’s horn.

* Use your safety belts (ALL passengers).

* Always be on the lookout for pedestrians, goats, cattle & un-roadworthy vehicles.

* If Officials want bribes, complete the Bribery Report (Supplied by the Resort) or

   report corruption at *800222222; *828002222; * 848002222. Remember to ask for a receipt for fines paid.

* Be on the look out for thieves posing as officials in Maputo.


Exchange rate

* Money can be exchanged at border: Border Country Inn or FX Bureau de Exchange at Crossings Shopping Center Nelspruit or

   BP Garage Komatipoort.

* Don’t exchange money at locals on Mozambique side of border.

* It is better to pay in Meticais for petrol and at shops, although Rand and Dollars are accepted. Garage & Credit cards are not accepted.

* You can draw money with your Credit Card at the local banks or at an ATM.

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