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Mozambique is an excellent travel choice for your visit to Africa. It's fast becoming one of southern Africa's premier beach destinations and for good reason too. Its spectacular 2500km coastline plays host to beaches of indescribable beauty, white silky sands, tropical warm waters and an array of fishing communities. Parts of it are still off the beaten track - and it does offer the opportunity to lounge on secluded beaches with no people or buildings in sight. So come here before the rest of the world does!


Mozambique has had a troubled and tumultuous history. It was once a coastal trading port for gold, ivory and slaves, mainly between the Middle East, India and Africa. It was colonised somewhat brutally by the Portuguese. It gained independence in 1975 but things did not really improve as a bitter civil war ravaged the country for almost 20 years. But the country has been stable and peaceful for the last 15 years and travellers have nothing to worry about. We really do believe that this unspoilt gem of Southern Africa is the best place to beat the crowds and relax at the end of your African Safari.


Weather Inhambane area :


Month                           Jan    Feb    Mar     Apr     Mai     June     July      Aug       Sep      Oct       Nov      Dec

Maximum  °C              31      31       30       29        28       27        27        27          28        29         30         30

Minimum  °C               22      22       21       20        19       17        17        17          19        20         21         22

Sunny hours daily        9         9         8          9          9        7           7          9            8           8          7           7

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